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Model No: Pramac WX7000
Product Code: WX7000p
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  • Product Details
  • Product Details

    Generator set PRAMAC WX 7000

    Handy and versatile - These models are suitable for use in the construction site / tool sector as well as in the private sector as an emergency generator or for general power requirements in leisure time. Thanks to the integrated wheel set, these machines can be moved effortlessly and used in a wide variety of locations. Equipped with the AVR system (automatic voltage regulation), the risk of damage to connected high-tech devices is reduced.

    Technical information

    Voltage type: Luminous flux
    Max. power LTP (kW): 6,1 kW
    Max. power LTP (kVA): 6.8 kVA
    Continuous power COP(kW): 5,8 kW
    Continuous power COP(kVA): 6.4 kVA
    Voltage: 230 V
    Frequency: 50 Hz

    Engine: PRAMAC OHV
    Fuel: petrol
    Starting system: Hand start + electric start
    Tank capacity: 26 L
    Running time at 50% load: 11,3 Hrs

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