Mcentre | EIBOARD/ Metro Eye 86" UHD (4K) , 3GBRAM, 32GB ROM, Android 9, Wall Bracket
Interactive Smart Board
EIBOARD/ Metro Eye 86" UHD (4K) , 3GBRAM, 32GB ROM, Android 9, Wall Bracket
Model No: FC 86 LED
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  • Product Details

    EIBOARD Led Interactive Touch Screen 86inch,model as FC-86LED, is an intelligent writing panel, widely used for education and conference. With a triple-sided ultra-narrow bezel design, sliding door lock protection and 4K UHD display, it’s equipped with interactive whiteboards and wireless screen casting software in a man-machine Interaction way, enabling an interactive teaching mode with multiple users and inter-connectivity, enriching classroom learning and enhancing the learning atmosphere.

  • Specifications

    LED Panel Size
    Backlight Type
    Viewing angle
    Display protection
    Backlight lifetime
    Operating System
    Windows System (OPS)
    Touch technology
    Electrical Performance (Standby power)
    Input ports
    Output Ports
    Other Ports
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
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